Initiative Magazine Interview

Initiative Magazine Interview

Cerberus Studios

Cerberus Studios is a boutique design studio, specialising in creating worlds and designing highly detailed miniatures. We have a passion for gaming, fantasy and modelling and our aim is to deliver creative products and storylines that capture your imagination.

Working with a range of outstanding talent from the international stage we have been honored to work with some of the best artists, sculptors, and manufacturers in the industry to bring our dream to life.

In 2018 our journey began with an idea for a story, one that was inspired by the love of ancient history, fantasy fiction and tabletop gaming. After laying foundations the first world we embarked on creating is ‘Mortals’ Reckoning’. A tale containing, monsters, demons, gods and mortals. (READ OUR MORTALS’ RECKONING PAGE FOR MORE)

Our first release of miniatures was met with success and helped us grow to deliver exciting new miniatures and products that are ever growing in 2019 and beyond. It is our remit to constantly evolve our stories, mixing genres of gaming, modelling and literature that will whisk you off to a different reality, with characters that will evoke emotions of love, and those you love to hate. Arch villains and mighty heroes will involve you in their stories, and it will be up to you to decide where you allegiances lie.

But with all that said, our passion comes from the love of fantasy, where anything is possible, and we hope that you will join us on this adventure.

Thank you.



Cerberus Studios is a brand that establishes quality in all its products and also one that aims to ‘wow’ you from the moment your miniature or game is delivered to you.

All of our miniatures down to the packaging itself is prepared with care and designed for you to keep long after you have used your miniature on the various arenas of war. It is our belief that you should be excited from the moment you see our brand and from the outset it was our mission to create an impacting and detailed product from start to finish.

Our packaging speaks to you from the moment you see it, to it being delivered to your home and you opening it to see your chosen treasure inside.

Quality and detail are as important to us as the worlds and miniatures we produce.

“Cerberus Studios debut range of minis, are quite possibly the finest packaged, presented and posed miniatures, currently available on the market. You’ll be hard pressed to find resin miniatures equal to such outstanding quality!”


“What can I say about the miniatures produced by Cerberus Studios - wow look at the packaging and the quality is very nice with the design well thought up”


Behind the Brand

Founder Benjamin Lycett

Founder Benjamin Lycett

Founder and Creative Director Benjamin has been involved with tabletop gaming from the tender age of ten years old. Sharing the passion for fantasy and miniatures with his grandfather, hours would be spent painting and playing. This love has never dimmed and Benjamin has been gaming ever since in the arenas of fantasy and Science Fiction.

With backgrounds in design and photography, Benjamin has combined his careers with his interests and created Cerberus Studios to take things further and share with you the joy that is tabletop Gaming, fantasy storylines, and more.

Benjamin is always happy to be involved with the gaming community whether online, at a gaming table, or at the variety of events and shows that Cerberus Studios attend, guiding the ship and sharing in the highs of our much loved hobby!