The Gods Overview

Below are the gods that make up the cast of our Mortals’ Reckoning world. Villains and Heroes can be found below. Who will you follow, whose alleigeance will you give yourself too?


The Goddess

The Amaranthine - a place of divine power and gateway to the realm of the gods. The grand marble amphitheatre, whose colossal ceilings fade into the clouds they reach so high, greet all visitors as they walk up the steps to perpetuity.

Attendees scuttle about doing the bidding of deities. One such being is beautiful beyond compare, her radiance fills the room. The Goddess glides across the marble floors, her silken finery flowing like water over her perfect skin. The personal troop of attendees fuss around her feet as she goes about her new purpose, one of balance in the universe.

Aware of the evil machinations of The Veiled Emissary, she has devoted herself to put a stop to the destruction and calamity that could ensue should he be successful.

Watching and waiting, she pauses for a hero to rise and become the salvation for a world that will be in desperate need.