Character Overview

Below are the characters that make up the cast of our Mortals’ Reckoning world. Villains and Heroes can be found below. Who will you follow, whose alleigeance will you give yourself too?

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The Veiled Emissary

An Agent of the gods, capricious and deceitful . Yearning for more than its current status in life, it desires godhood (to be the only god in fact) and will do everything it can to become one.

Gathering sacrificed souls along the way and delivering cryptic messages,  beware the deals struck with this being, for no blood sacrifice is all that it seems.

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The Slaver - Self annoited King of the Isle

Devious, corrupt and immoral, this man knows only a life born of pain, Scaling to the top of the criminal underworld, he has vanquished all of his enemies and now rules the slave trade and its vast underbelly from his retreat upon the infamous ‘Slavers Isle’

His dealings with The Kyrios and his latest commodities of the flesh have made him a wealthy man. The latest prize in his collection will bring more than he could wish for, but he treads a dangerous path that could lead to ruin.

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Raktagar - The Fire Forged Champion

Violence manifested, Raktagar is a brooding and volatile servant within Zillaʼs army. He stands second in command to the Battle Queen, acting as bodyguard, warrior and champion. He is a maelstrom on the battlefield, once roused his powerful muscled body sparks into flame. Gouts of fire wash over the enemy as they endeavour to combat him, either falling to fire or his great double headed axe. Many lives of mortal and immortal alike have been taken by this undefeated brute.

Zilla takes great joy in sending her champion out to challenge any who deem themselves worthy to defeat him. Alas the outcome is always the same - the roaring behemoth, Raktagar, standing astride a headless corpse.

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Lazarus - A Warrior Risen

In life he was known as Diomedes, a Commander of men, and loving husband. This was all to end abruptly as he is betrayed by his lord and friend, The Kyrios.

Sacrificed for a deity's attention, he finds himself resurrected as Lazarus, a pawn of the Emissary, set upon a path of war with the promise of vengeance, as he seeks to save his wife.

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Korvina - The Nefarious Domino

With unsurpassed beauty, Korvina captivates all. Her aesthetic draws all eyes in a crowd, her intellect further still, ensnaring man and woman alike; but akin to the mask she carries, this is all a charade hiding her true sadistic and demonic nature.

Along with Thrall, she is in the Emissaryʼs service - her task, to enthrall and guide The Slaver. But as all players of the Godsʼ game, she has her own agenda; and having a powerful lord wrapped around her finger could be the tipping point she needs to gain all that she covets.


Zilla - Queen of the Condemned Host

A force of nature in her own right, Zilla commands the great horde that is the Condemned Host. She is a commander without equal, a strategist as well as a skilled warrior, the only being to lay her low is The Veiled Emissary. And through his mercy, she has risen again to stand at the front of his army. Reborn as a demonic warrior, her twin blades and ethereal nature dominate any who challenge her.

Tortured souls make up the Condemned Host - warriors who fell in battle and lost the many fights undertaken to try and overthrow The Veiled Emissaryʼs dominance. Each felled warrior was given a choice to lose their soul or take up arms once again in his service. Of course the decision is pantomime - fight or acquiesce, their soul is lost.

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The Kyrios - Lord of War

His conquests are legend, his kingdom reaches across the land and all bow at his feet, he is a battle king, a lord of war.

However his desires are now twisted by vanity, he will do anything required to keep his kingdom and prowess, he will sacrifice all to gain immortality, even those close to him no matter the cost.

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Thrall - Bodyguard & Watcher

One of The Veiled Emissaryʼs servants, Thrall is a slab of muscle and brawn, who has been tasked with guardianship of his own mistress, The Nefarious Domino.

Physically blind, he tore his own eyes out after seeing the beauty of Korvina. Thrall uses his disturbing ‘otherʼ sight to also keep watch on The Slaver and his new acquisition, the captive wife of Lazarus. Should The Slaver go beyond the lines of permissible treatment toward her, Thrall is a physical reminder of the violent and unpleasant consequences.