The world changed the night they came. Cities were burned, populations massacred.

A human king finds his kingdom besieged. Not one to sit idle, he commits himself to a course of action that is unheard of - it will either mean the end of all things, or bring about the chance of survival. Reaching out, he sends word to the head of each caste...

His children, the prince and princess - once human, the treasures of the kingdom, willingly
give themselves to the cause their father believes in. The prince, reborn as a werewolf, and the princess now a vampire, solidify a union of races that changes the future of all.

Man, Vampire and Werewolf, once ancient enemies, devoted to slaughtering each other, now
find themselves united under one banner. Age old grudges and differences are forgotten as they fight a common foe - the demon.

The secretive conclave of mages, knowing the cause of this invasion, are desperate to halt a
chain of events caused by one of their own. Racing against time and battling the demonic enemy, they must step out of their isolation if they have any hope of prevailing.

Evil has no conscience, no remorse, and it cannot be reasoned with. As the demon hordes mass outside the walled cities, howls of fury, hunger and blood-lust fill the air.

It is an age of sacrifice... This is Celestial Affinity