The Evolution of a Beast

The Clawed Volitant

'An Evolution'

One of the wonderful aspects about working in the fantasy and gaming industry is the unlimited scope of your imagination.  Here at Cerberus Studios we are continually working on bringing you new characters, designs, monsters and more.

One such design is our latest release - the 'Clawed Volitant'. We wanted to bring you a creature that was pure fantasy but with a new twist, and having aspects of well known creature lore, both in reality and fabricated worlds. 

Working with a talented artist we began exploring the aspects of creation, beginning with rudimentary sketches of how we wanted the creature to look, whilst also adhering to the realm and relationships our designs have.


We wanted to embrace the heritage of the Griffin, with the meaning and aesthetic of the Raven/Crow. The lore behind these wonderful creatures is rich and textured in a multitude of universes, both of which lend themselves perfectly to our world.

We didn't want to lose focus on the fact that this is a beast, a predator, as well as a symbol of malice in this world, so we began exploring poses and presence.  This needed to be an animal that was terrifying both from the front and back, something that was unmistakable:


And so he was born, a hulking beast of power and intimidation with the aspect of flight, as its name suggests. The new predator of the skies was here.

His translation from sketch to finished visual captured the atmosphere and dominance of this creature, and we hope you agree?

The Miniature 

From art to tabletop - with all our miniatures we aim to give you what you see on paper, a physical version on your tabletop:

Clawed Volitant Miniature

We hope you like him as much as we do, and for a short period he is available with a special promotion price of £42.00.  Grab yours now from our shop today:


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